Friday, October 30, 2009

Medvedev blasts Stalin defenders

It's tempting to distort history into an idealized caricature when you are discontent and disillusioned with seemingly insurmountable problems of today. I applaud Medvedev for taking this stand. I anticipate he will receive a lot of nationalistic resistance.

Medvedev blasts Stalin defenders: "Russian President Dmitry Medvedev hits out at those seeking to rehabilitate former Soviet leader Joseph Stalin."

But how easy is it for me, an American, to Applaud Medvedev for seeing Stalin's story from my point of you?

It's easy to look at another culture, but how are we guilty of this in America? What historical events have been idealized? Which historical actors have been romanticized? Where are we guilty of turning a blind eye to the repercussions of "better times"?

Better yet, why do we as human have such a tendency to distort our realities in such ways? Why are we so inclined to romanticize and turn a blind eye?

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