Monday, October 19, 2009

Jon Stewart's take on "30 GOP No votes"

Why does it take a comedian to talk about important issues so frankly?

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Can someone please explain how this can happen?


Vernon said...

Rape is a crime that should be prosecuted as a crime. The rapists should be prosecuted and punished to the maximum possible degree. The rapist is the criminal. So why sue anyone? Jon, with his crude humor, cleverly makes it sound like someone other than the actual rapists are the real rapists. Let me ask you this. If a rape is committed on your watch (whether you are an employer or a care giver or a group leader) without you knowing about it, would you like that person to sue you for being raped? Or, if you are a group leader of an event, and someone in your group rapes someone else in your group without you knowing it, would you like the person who was raped to sue you because the rapist was part of your group and you are the group leader? I won't pretend to know why 30 of the GOP voted against the amendment, but I can guess that one reason might be that this amendment (designed primarily to give our new junior Senator from Minnesota public exposure) is yet another meaningless piece of legislation that is completely unnecessary if the government simply enforced the laws they already have in place. Rape is a crime. Prosecute the crime and punish the criminals that committed the crime.

DK said...

There was not ignorance on the part of the employer. The organization is at fault because of their failure to address repeated complaints of sexual abuse in the work environment.

Vernon said...

I was going on what Jon Stewart said in his monologue. If the employer knew it, there are already laws for dealing with that. As I said, the government should simply enforce the laws that already exist.

DK said...

If you are only taking your information from the monologue, then I can understand why you are missing some important pieces of the situation.

Haliburton had a clause in the contract that restricts their employees from taking workplace sexual assault, battery and discrimination cases to court.

Al Frankens amendment withholds the federal government from taking out contracts with organizations that have such a clause.