Friday, October 30, 2009

Christ-Mysticism (Fray Luis de León)

I stumbled across this quote as I was doing research for a comparative Spanish literature essay (in Spanish) of Fray Luis de Leon (15th century Spanish Mystic) and Thomas Merton (20th century English Mystic).

Fray Luis de León spoke of the theopathic life in terms of Christ-mysticism:
“The very Spirit of Christ comes and is united with the soul—nay, is infused throughout its being, as though he were soul of its soul indeed.”

Has anyone read "The Names of Christ" by Fray Luis de Leon? It is written in dialogue form about three friends who discuss fourteen of the Scriptural names of Christ. The setting of the book is the countryside, and it takes place over two days. The predominant theme is the centrality and universality of Christ.

I'm adding this to my "after-I'm-finished-with-Spanish-college-classes-forever reading list".

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