Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Green Line is Go!

Thank you TriMet! My 15 minute walk to the PSU campus (getting off the Red Line at Pioneer Square) has now become a 4 minute train ride. Beautiful.


Brandon said...

Glad your commute is shorter. Bummer for the citizens of Clackamas County, they have no idea what they are in for.

DK said...

Wow, that's a loaded comment. :P So many things going on there.

I take it you are alluding to the idea that poverty and all it's symptoms will spread to Clackamas County because of the MAX line?

But this implies that we should keep poverty (and it's symptoms) segregated from the rest of society. In a sense, segregate them in a ghetto and deal with them there so everyone else doesn't have to be confronted with the messy realities of this world.

I understand my response is going off of assumptions I am making from your comment. But I wanted to try and stimulate some more discussion about this. Hope it worked. :P

Brandon said...

I was strictly talking about the crime rate that will go up simply because of MAX.

DK said...

I think that is a false cause though. Accessible public transportation causes crime?

Not everyone can afford to reach places of employment because they cannot afford the cost of a car. How would you reckon to solve this problem?

Accessible public transportation is a tool for those in poverty to be a productive member of society. By in large, crime is a side affect of poverty.

Accessible public transportation is also more efficient and productive to society. Americans love their cars, but this is a luxury that is not sustainable (I'm not pulling the environmental card, I'm talking economically). It is an investment in restructuring our society to be prepared for the upcoming changes.

Our Happy Block Coalition said...

Hi, where did you get the max green line mural/painting? thanks

DK said...

I believe I found it somewhere on Trimets website, associated with their PR campaign for the green line.