Thursday, September 03, 2009

Changes in P-Town (and PSU)

Taking classes during the summer has given me the opportunity to witness some of the many unfolding changes downtown and at PSU specifically.
  • Pioneer Courthouse is nearing the conclusion of its face lift.
  • The Portland Transit Mall is starting to take shape.
  • Waterfront Park (home of Saturday Market) is operational and nearing conclusion with its neighboring spiffy new MercyCorps HQ's.
  • Green/Yellow MAX line and updated bus routes are nearly completely operational with spiffy new stops complete with travel info LCD panels and all.
  • PSU's new fitness center has been erected with it's ludicrous 2nd story swimming pool (that rant deserves a post in and of itself).
  • Lincoln Hall is undergoing a complete interior/exterior renovation.
Specifically the Clay building, where all of my summer classes have been, has some interesting renovations going on in and around the site. It makes roaming the desolate halls of summer that much more interesting with different floors randomly being in an ever changing state somewhere between demolition and construction.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the installation of touch-free "hydration station's":

Nifty "Cycle Track's" have swapped the bike lane with curbside parking.

This seems like a no brainer. It makes cycling safer and more convenient and parallel parking is significantly easier because it provides wiggle room, as opposed to bumping your tires into the curb.

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Adam Pilarski said...

I miss being able to go downtown.