Monday, August 17, 2009

Testing Base of the Emergency Control Ministry of Belarus

A good example of why English-Russia is one of my longest running, consistently favorite blogs that I follow. I came across the blog after noticing many of their articles hitting the front page on Digg. I decided to cut out the middle man and subscribe to it in Google Reader.

English-Russia hosts a diverse array of unique photo-journals and cultural tidbits from Russian (and surrounding ex-USSR nations), which make for a fascinating mental jaunt out of the daily grind.


Testing Base of the Emergency Control Ministry of Belarus: "000d7df2

That’s not Apocalyptic era, it’s just a testing base of the Emergency Control Ministry of Belarus. They tried to stimulate virtually any catastrophe you can imagine, and they really know what they do. It looks like a cemetery of human civilizations -- planes, helicopters, trains, oil reservoirs. Houses, plants and many other objects. Kind of toys for grown-up more..


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