Thursday, August 20, 2009

Star Trek in The Park

I went to this a few weeks ago, but was just reminded of it by the blurry pictures I had snapped with my camera phone. This show was a brilliant work of art! Through creative use of props, great costume and makeup design, and live sound effects (on-site ensemble) and music (including vocals on the original Star Trek opening scene).

The screenplay was adapted from the well chosen episode Amok Time - humorous, fast paced, and well choreographed fight scenes.

Based on the three packed showings with at least 100 people standing behind the seating in the 200 seated in the amphitheater and another 100 sitting in the blistering sun on the backside of the stage, and the mad rush for t-shirts after the show, I anticipate the pleasure of attending the next episode of Star Trek in the Park next summer!

What really took me aback was the diversity of the crowd. There was not a single demographic unaccounted for in the crowd.

Gotta love the creative eclectic nature of Portland culture and the beauty of Portland Parks!

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