Thursday, June 25, 2009


Getting married, Michael Jacksons death...these are the types of events that make you have a profound sense of aging. But the most revealing of all was a recent conversation with Daniel (my new 8 year old brother-in-law).

One of our many common interests are Lego's. He was showing me his latest creations and some new pieces he acquired through bartering with friends. One particular piece he had scored was an out of production Lego man.

As I knelt next to Daniel, carefully analyzing the prized piece he proudly held high in his hand, he went through great length to communicate that you can't buy this piece anywhere and that it is from a really old set. In the quiet stillness of awe, I looked and he pondered the words to convey just how old it is. Finally he concluded, "I think it is from the 99's or something".

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