Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trekkie vs. Trekker

I alluded to this post when I posted the latest Star Trek trailer. Anybody know the difference? I was enlightened the other night

I was hanging out on the corner of 188th and Burnside one cold Saturday evening. I was kickin it with some brothers and sisters from Luz Del Pueblo loving on our community serving up some hot coffee, hot cocoa, cookie, chili, and conversation. Rockwood is a colorful community, not only racially. There are people with a wide range of interests.

One particular man was walking by. I offer coffee or hot chocolate. He takes me up on the hot coca. As I am pouring out a cup he observes the tent, the conversation, the people, the laughter. Leaning in as if to tell me a secret he says "this reminds me of a scene from Stark Trek IV: The Voyage Home, you know it?". I tell him he's in luck because I was raised a trekkie.

He abruptly breaks the conversation, steps up into my face and adamantly declares "I am not a trekkie - I am a trekker". I shyly ask him to explain the difference. To my amazement, he rips open his button up shirt in one swing revealing a bright Star Trek logo tattooed on his chest shining through the forest of hair and declares "THIS is the difference, I'm a trekker"

He defiently turns around and walks into the night leaving me wide-eyed and speechless.

But oddly enough, my heart is warmed. A smile creeps onto my face. I love humanity. We are such a colorful family!

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