Friday, May 01, 2009

A Smarter Planet

An interesting article from the BBC about the potential of technology when using a systems perspective on life. The article all but falls short of (though it does allude to, depending on your interpretation) the application of technology to the efficiency and productivity of the human body. Relevant quotes relating to my paper below:

"Almost anything can have a digital presence in a networked world. All of this instrumentation generates new data, which advanced analytics can turn into insight - so better decisions can be made in real time."

"We have the intelligence, we have the instrumentation - so much of the computing and technical power is there. Those companies, countries even, that put this intelligence to practical use will be those that seize competitive advantage and emerge from the current turmoil as leaders."

"In the last two decades, we have seen our planet become smaller and "flatter". In the next two, we will see it become smarter."

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