Friday, May 01, 2009

Digital Eyes

Some more research for my Cyborg paper. The content of this post helps ground the paper on tangible capabilities of current technology.

There have been a lot of advances in recognition technology. Relevant ads are blasted at us based on the textual content of the websites visit and our emails everyday, but things are about to be taken to the next level. NevenVision, A company on the cutting edge of image recognition, was gobbled up by Google. iVisit had splintered off before this, to focus on mobile conferencing and wellness applications. So while the world braces to be bombarded by increasingly self aware ads, iVisits recently released a new product called SeeScan/SeeStar, which aims to help the blind and visually impaired to identify their surroundings by using the camera on their mobile phone. (mobihealthnews)

The CEO of Qualcomm envisions a future where this technology is mainstreamed. "Because phones have connectivity and location awareness capabilities, cameras and other things in the phone, in the future you will be able to hold a phone up and have it look at the world around you and things will be identified for you, including people and places. I think we'll end up with this merger between physical reality and virtual reality. Essentially it will infuse the real world with all the other information associated with the things you see around you.”(Investors)

Here's some videos demonstrating the technology:

iVisit's SeeScann Realtime Object Recognition:

Realtime Object Recognition:

An example by Intel:

Logo recognition:

A youtube search on "Augmented Reality" (A term the CEO of Qualcomm uses to describe what he sees as shaping the next 25 years of the cell phone industry) will return some interesting glimpses of how this kind of technology could change the way we see our world.

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