Saturday, April 11, 2009

Job Hunting, Marriage, and Cyborgs

I acknowledge the complete void of personal narrative in my blogging the last few months. Life has been a whirl-wind of wedding planning (I'm pretty proud of the work I've done on the blog for our wedding; just click the link), academics (Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, History), working (hanging out and sometimes imparting knowledge with a bunch of awesome kindergarten-5th graders), and loving on my neighbors in Rockwood (consists of weekly community meals, youth parties, and just being friends).

Elena and I are both being intentionally in stepping back from commitments this term in order to not be burnt out by our June 14th wedding date. Our premarital mentors have been awesome and have continued to give us the opportunity and encouragement to seek both the reality and beauty of marriage. Part of this reality has catapulted me into a full fledge job hunt. My current job does not run through the summer and I will be finishing my undergraduate degree within the next 6 months. I set a lofty goal last week to submit a resume a day. I'm hoping this will prove to be fruitful.

I didn't only put Cyborgs in the title to catch your attention. I have decided to write my Ethics term paper on the use of cybernetic technology to increase human cognitive capacities. I am particularly fascinated by this topic because of it's tendency to create a knee jerk response as abominable and unnatural (even for myself) where as there many equally "abominable and unnatural" technologies that we casually engage with and embrace without thinking twice. If I have time, I will blog through the different elements of the paper and any articles I find online that relate.

Last personal tid-bit. Four months ago I started by complete read through of the Bible. It has been an awesome journey of discovering completely new pieces of Scripture and providing a much more solid framework of Scripture to operate within for daily life. Yesterday I just finished 2 Samuel (which I liked much better then the 1st). I will become "even more undignified than this..."

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