Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Star Trek Extended TV Spot

Even more footage:

I have been introducing Elena to the Star Trek universe the last couple months in preparation for the big date (no, not that big date), on May 8th. She agreed to watching two movies of my choice. I chose Wrath of Khan and First Contact. She didn't connect so much with the latter because the whole movie relies on references to the massive Next Generation backstory, and resultantly, doesn't do much character development. However, she thoroughly enjoyed Khan!

This multiplies my excitement for the movie knowing I will be able to share the experience with my bride to be. We will probably catch a couple of the original Star Trek episodes before May. Any recommendations? "Trouble with Tribbles" is definitely in there.


Sarah said...

Nice! Lucky for you, that you have all the Star Trek and Star Trek: Next Generation episodes (legally) available to you. ;)

ET said...

You guys have opened a whole new world for me! A whole new galaxy of galaxies, really :P