Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Link-O-Rama (3/18/09)

I just finished my last final. It's that time:
  • Check out these statues in Moscow. I am captivated! It portrays two blind folded children surrounded by 11 pitfalls/sins of society. The idea is that the children cannot be raised in purity because everyone around them is flawed in some way. The whole scene conveys a mix of emotions that is eerie, honest, and heart-wrenching. I love it!
  • Everything you need (yes, it's that amazing) to know about the iPhone 3.0 OS over Gizmodo. I am most excited about the ability to communicate with 3rd party hardware. This is seriously the ultimate multi-purpose device that can be tailored to interface with any function no matter what your context is. Ya, "Cut, Copy, Paste" is pretty sweet too.
  • Elena's bro (David) introduced me to some sweet chill worship music. Ian Mcintosh:

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