Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Link-O-Rama 02/17/09

I'm throwing this one together in a hurry, sorry there are no pretty pictures.
  • Anyone travel to Sisters? Thoughts? Elena and I are considering Five Pine Lodge for our honeymoon. Their Romance Cottage Suite looks amazing!
  • I wonder how many CEO's have the integrity to pull out an economic stimulus package of their own wallet. That's exactly what Leonard Abess Jr. did. $60 million divided up to all 399 employees plus another 72 former employees that he tracked down. Beautiful! (The Huffington Post)
  • Obama upholds Bush's faith policy allowing religious organization to hire employees based on beliefs (LA Times). Even more interesting was a comment left on digg by the user TotalAttorneys who defended Obama's decision:
It would be so great if people would learn what the word "discrimination" meant in legal terms before throwing it around so readily. It is a long established principle of U.S. Constitutional law that there is a distinction between unlawful "discrimination" and the application of bona fide occupational qualifications. It seems a bit absurd to suggest that it's NOT a bona fide occupational qualification that one agree with the mission of an organization and be in a position to carry it out if he's to be hired and tasked with that responsibility. It's not considered "discrimination" to require that lifeguards be able to swim, or that the people conducting strip searches in women's prisons be female--how is it "discrimination" to require that someone being hired to provide Christian ministry be Christian?

Since our current President understands Constitutional law, he presumably understands this distinction.
  • The Playground Project. A very revealing, brutally raw documentary facing how the United States plays a role in the global demand and growth of the sex trafficking industry.
  • There are many Cuban immigrants living in our apartments. As such, Cuban news has peaked my interest. Recently Spain announced it is offering a get-out-of-Cuba card to 200,000 individuals. (Miami Herald)
  • Top Gear is going to space! (Autoblog) The most interesting part of article is Hammond's statement on going to space in the wake of a global economic crises:
Because of the hard times everyone is facing, we need to go ridiculous on Top Gear. We need faster cars and bigger stunts. Nobody can afford to go out and buy a car, so there is no real point in us reviewing them. We might as well concentrate on escapism and fantasy.
  • The extreme irony of this event blows my mind. The founder of a US Muslim TV network has been charged over the beheading of his wife after his wife had filed for divorce because of domestic abuse (BBC). Here's the mind blower: Mr Hassan and his wife worked at Bridges TV, a station aimed at countering stereotypes of Muslims. I still can't believe this is on BBC and not The Onion.

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