Saturday, February 21, 2009

Le Café

For all the coffee addicts out there:

le Café - Oldelaf (english subtitles)
Uploaded by Boebis

Checkout some of their other music on Myspace: Oldelaf et Monsieur D. I am really digging Nathalie and 3 couleurs; though I'm not quite sure what the songs are about. Feel free to provide me with a translation or throw any other good French music my direction.

UPDATE: While I'm glad the video has been updated to HD, it also lost the english subtitles. Here's the best translation I could find:

Le Café

To have a good start
Into this jolly new day
And to wake myself up
I took a coffee

An arabica
Black and strong
I get on my suit
Now I'm ready to go

Where are you going
My loved one cries
"Let's have a coffee, I just got up"
Being ahead of time
And a bit rushed
I change my mind and have another coffee

At 7:45
One has to admit
The offices are empty and you get easily bored

But I stay calm
I know how to adapt
Before they get there
I have time to drink another coffee

The day starts
Everybody can work at least until
It's time for a coffee break

My secretary comes in
"Strong as you like it"
Damn, just had one
But now that you've prepared some

A business dinner
Not far from the road
The weather's great but I'm a bit stressed out
My colleagues have a great time
"Relax René!"
"Have another cigar and a coffee"

Once we're finished
My collegues worn out
I call a taxi
But I would like to jump
I run all over Paris
Then I see a coffee bar
I order a decaf
But re-caffeined

I arrive at the office
My secretary reproaches me
"You're a bit late; I was starting to get worried!"
Oh! I throw her out the window
She was asking for it
Anyway, I got to go home
But first a coffee

Waiting for the subway
I get mobbed
A small old woman says to me
"Do you know what time it is?"

Hey, I hit her in the face and push her onto the platform
I rush home and I get myself a ... can you guess?!

"Daddy, my daddy,
I'm the best student in my class!"

Honey, what's up!!
Now stop annoying me!!
How stupid this kid is!!
And now he's starting to cry!!
I lock myself up in the kitchen!!
There's still a bit of coffee!!

It's been a while that I've locked myself up
I'm all alone in my kittchen and I drink coffee
I had better sleep
The police are going to arrest me
So I nailed the doors and I have another coffee

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Sarah said...

Wow, where did you find this?