Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy"


But what I wonder; millions of people have and will see this clip, agree wholeheartedly, and yet we go right back to complaining and demanding our illusionary self rights. What does this tell us about humanity?


ET said...

First - awesome clip! Love it - so true, great way to point out our spoiledness. To simply answer the question, it is of course so much easier to complain than change oneself. It really goes back to the spoiled mentality - the world is supposed to work for ME and since the world revolves around ME to change ME is pretty much re-aligning the stars - and God=forbid that is just too chaotic. So we will just continue letting it revolve around ME. To actually think outside of ourselves is quite often an uncomfortable thing. And we live in a world of comfort.

ET said...

Speaking of "nobody's happy" - Christianity Today has a whole section on depression this month - I'm going to browse through it tonight and see what they are saying.