Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy"


But what I wonder; millions of people have and will see this clip, agree wholeheartedly, and yet we go right back to complaining and demanding our illusionary self rights. What does this tell us about humanity?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stacks & "Put Back"

While I'm on the topic of Apple...

I have been using Safari 4 Beta the last day, and it is SMOKIN! So quick (Here are some stats to back up my experience). "Top Sites" is brilliant. This is potentially a "Can't live without" feature in the making. Cover flow makes searching site history a dream. I am going to give it until March 8th to see if it will overthrow Firefox's reign on my web-browsing. Definite potential.

Beyond Safari, there is some exciting things tid-bits that have been revealed about Snow Leopard. The "put back" option for files that have been trashed seems like a given. I have gone to my trash wishing I could restore a file back to its original location on multiple occasions.

Apple has continually tweaked Stacks. On its first interpretation it seemed more gimmicky then functional. But by adding the ability to view as list, and now with the upcoming ability to graphically drill down into folders (as shown in the following video), Stacks is showing promise.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sitting in my Latin-American Literature class, fueled by an Americano, and drowning in the clutter of 5 word processor* windows; an epiphany entangled by a rant is brewing. Disorientated and frustrated I climb out of the clutter of my documents into my web-browser. Refreshing. Sweet freedom. I peacefully roam the wondrous beauty of the Internet, flipping from tab to tab.

A tabbed word processor seems obvious**, no?

This raises other user-interface thoughts that are even more foundational. With so many fully functional and convenient web-based alternatives (which are naturally tabbed), at what point does it make more sense to simply run your word processor (and beyond) out of a web-browser?

But maybe these thoughts are being sparked by the beta release of Safari 4. With the application of features like cover flow and full history search to the web-browser it feels amazingly similar to Apples media-browser iTunes 8, and even more importantly, Leopard's system-browser, Finder.

You see where I am going with this?

THE-browser*** will be the unifying hub for daily multipurpose use. A single process (web, media, system etc) tabbed browser with sub tabs.

Maybe OS XI?

*It should be noted, I am using Word 2004 on OS X. Not exactly the standard in user experience. Consequently, Expose, remedies this frustration beautifully. But for the sake of the post, we will ignore that work of Apple genius.
**I am well aware that such alternatives exist. As you will see, I am merely using this as a catchy intro to set up my thesis for an efficient unified user interface.
***Which is more a OS UI heavily influenced by modern browser designs.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Le Café

For all the coffee addicts out there:

le Café - Oldelaf (english subtitles)
Uploaded by Boebis

Checkout some of their other music on Myspace: Oldelaf et Monsieur D. I am really digging Nathalie and 3 couleurs; though I'm not quite sure what the songs are about. Feel free to provide me with a translation or throw any other good French music my direction.

UPDATE: While I'm glad the video has been updated to HD, it also lost the english subtitles. Here's the best translation I could find:

Le Café

To have a good start
Into this jolly new day
And to wake myself up
I took a coffee

An arabica
Black and strong
I get on my suit
Now I'm ready to go

Where are you going
My loved one cries
"Let's have a coffee, I just got up"
Being ahead of time
And a bit rushed
I change my mind and have another coffee

At 7:45
One has to admit
The offices are empty and you get easily bored

But I stay calm
I know how to adapt
Before they get there
I have time to drink another coffee

The day starts
Everybody can work at least until
It's time for a coffee break

My secretary comes in
"Strong as you like it"
Damn, just had one
But now that you've prepared some

A business dinner
Not far from the road
The weather's great but I'm a bit stressed out
My colleagues have a great time
"Relax René!"
"Have another cigar and a coffee"

Once we're finished
My collegues worn out
I call a taxi
But I would like to jump
I run all over Paris
Then I see a coffee bar
I order a decaf
But re-caffeined

I arrive at the office
My secretary reproaches me
"You're a bit late; I was starting to get worried!"
Oh! I throw her out the window
She was asking for it
Anyway, I got to go home
But first a coffee

Waiting for the subway
I get mobbed
A small old woman says to me
"Do you know what time it is?"

Hey, I hit her in the face and push her onto the platform
I rush home and I get myself a ... can you guess?!

"Daddy, my daddy,
I'm the best student in my class!"

Honey, what's up!!
Now stop annoying me!!
How stupid this kid is!!
And now he's starting to cry!!
I lock myself up in the kitchen!!
There's still a bit of coffee!!

It's been a while that I've locked myself up
I'm all alone in my kittchen and I drink coffee
I had better sleep
The police are going to arrest me
So I nailed the doors and I have another coffee

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Lorax

I'm going to watch this with my "Garbage Kids" (an environmental sustainability class) at Davis Elementary today:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Link-O-Rama 02/17/09

I'm throwing this one together in a hurry, sorry there are no pretty pictures.
  • Anyone travel to Sisters? Thoughts? Elena and I are considering Five Pine Lodge for our honeymoon. Their Romance Cottage Suite looks amazing!
  • I wonder how many CEO's have the integrity to pull out an economic stimulus package of their own wallet. That's exactly what Leonard Abess Jr. did. $60 million divided up to all 399 employees plus another 72 former employees that he tracked down. Beautiful! (The Huffington Post)
  • Obama upholds Bush's faith policy allowing religious organization to hire employees based on beliefs (LA Times). Even more interesting was a comment left on digg by the user TotalAttorneys who defended Obama's decision:
It would be so great if people would learn what the word "discrimination" meant in legal terms before throwing it around so readily. It is a long established principle of U.S. Constitutional law that there is a distinction between unlawful "discrimination" and the application of bona fide occupational qualifications. It seems a bit absurd to suggest that it's NOT a bona fide occupational qualification that one agree with the mission of an organization and be in a position to carry it out if he's to be hired and tasked with that responsibility. It's not considered "discrimination" to require that lifeguards be able to swim, or that the people conducting strip searches in women's prisons be female--how is it "discrimination" to require that someone being hired to provide Christian ministry be Christian?

Since our current President understands Constitutional law, he presumably understands this distinction.
  • The Playground Project. A very revealing, brutally raw documentary facing how the United States plays a role in the global demand and growth of the sex trafficking industry.
  • There are many Cuban immigrants living in our apartments. As such, Cuban news has peaked my interest. Recently Spain announced it is offering a get-out-of-Cuba card to 200,000 individuals. (Miami Herald)
  • Top Gear is going to space! (Autoblog) The most interesting part of article is Hammond's statement on going to space in the wake of a global economic crises:
Because of the hard times everyone is facing, we need to go ridiculous on Top Gear. We need faster cars and bigger stunts. Nobody can afford to go out and buy a car, so there is no real point in us reviewing them. We might as well concentrate on escapism and fantasy.
  • The extreme irony of this event blows my mind. The founder of a US Muslim TV network has been charged over the beheading of his wife after his wife had filed for divorce because of domestic abuse (BBC). Here's the mind blower: Mr Hassan and his wife worked at Bridges TV, a station aimed at countering stereotypes of Muslims. I still can't believe this is on BBC and not The Onion.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Link-O-Rama 02/03/09

I have 200 pages to read and 15 pages to write but I can delay a bit longer.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Honeymoon in Disneyland?

Elena and I have been discussing where to go for our honeymoon. Disneyland was mentioned but I had no idea she'd go this far. I have no idea how she got Disney to do this! It even made the news!

We are open to suggestions if you can make a good pitch.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Kirk & Aslan

In case you missed the good news, the Narnia saga will continue at least through The Voyage of Dawn Treader. After I first caught wind that LWW was in the works through being slightly disappointed with PC, I have been saying Dawn Treader would make the best movie. Thankfully we will get to see if that holds to be true.

Instead of watching the superbowl, I'm studiously working on a psychology paper; apparently not studiously enough to miss the latest Star Trek trailer hitting the net (and blogging about it):