Monday, January 12, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire: Golden Globes and a Critique

I watched Slumdog Millionaire just in time. It was just revealed that it scored four golden globe wins - "Best Director", "Best Screenplay", "Best Score", "Best Drama Motion Picture". From my review, you can guess I wholeheartedly agree with every bit of praise it received.

After watching Slumdog, I did have one critique. The life portrayed is far from a true portrait of life in India. The experiences portrayed are extra-ordinary to say the least. There is an intruiging rant over at Cinema Blend which dances around the same theme. If you read the rant, be sure to check out the comments (specifically by Libero) at the end as well. A strong defense is made for the art form of cinema and points to an often forgotten thing in our society known as personal responsibility.

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