Friday, November 14, 2008

"Living their values"

I forgot to post this Oregonian Article that was published a month ago. The whole article is good, but the end of the article is about us.
"...Knepprath will be joined by Tyrone Wing, Josh Guisinger, Sean Hughes and Hughes' 5-year-old son. Ultimately, they want to bring in local churches and help connect residents with social-service providers.

But they're trying to spend the first several months with their ears open and their mouths shut.

"We're not coming in with these big expectations and programs because we assume we know them and their needs and we can fix them," Knepprath says.

Instead, they're coming in with hot dogs, mustard and maybe some chips. Knepprath and his roommates figure the easiest way to meet their neighbors is a barbecue. Soon, they'll fire up the grill, load the cooler with ice and break bread with their new friends.

Who knows where things might lead from there?"

If your curious, find out for yourself at our blog: Barberrian Villagers.

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