Wednesday, October 22, 2008


For 2 years now I have been talking about Nightstrike. It has been the inspiration for many speeches and papers in school. It has been the source of experience for personal growth and learning. It has been a central aspect of my spiritual formation as a follower of Christ. And as you might know, has been the topic of many posts on this blog.

I was recently asked by a friend to type up a brief overview of Nightstrike for a presentation he is doing about various service opportunities in the Portland Metro area.

It is the best "nutshell" of Nightstrike I have ever composed. That seems worthy of sharing:

Nightstrike is not your average "feed" downtown. The relational interaction takes center stage. It truly is a collision of to worlds that never interact. The house dwellers and the homeless. It is a space that is created for people to interact with each other with respect and dignity. In fact dignity is restored to the homeless who have had their human dignity stripped of them by a society that views them as problems and useless. So yes, there is a meal (home made) being served, and dirty feet being washed and given new socks, and clothes being handed out, and a popcorn machine, and hair cutting.

Beyond all of this is an opportunity to share life, and the best way to do that is around the dinner table. A large portion of the people serving (80-100 weekly from 20-30 various local Christian churches monthly. These people also have complete ownership of the weekly operations as well) are allocated simply to getting a plate of food for themselves and sitting down and getting to know someones name and hearing their story. For many guests, this is the first step of healing the many emotional and mental scars. And for many people serving, this is the first step to learning and expanding their capacity to love.

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Ian said...

So true! I am so glad i got to experience it!