Monday, October 13, 2008

Multiple Word Search Engine Dictionary

Last week I was at a study session with a group of Elena's friends. Roza was really interested (to assist in a homework assignment) in finding a way to look up the definitions of a series of words in a single search.

I scoured the Internet fiercely to find such a tool. Surprisingly, even Google didn't have a way to look up the definition of multiple individual words simultaneously. I knew someone somewhere had thought to create such tool. Today Elena surprised me with Ninja Words...because it's really fast like a Ninja.

I can even add Ninja Words to my Firefox search bar! Brilliant!


Sarah said...

Now I shall try it out on looking up my veterinary terms and see how inclusive it is... :)

DK said...

If the definitions are not in there you can contribute them. It pulls the definitions from user content driven wiktionary.

Anonymous said...

also try
it is a new website designed to make it easy to define multiple words at one time.