Friday, October 10, 2008

Blog Updates

Perpetual Anticipation will continue to be my home of my written thoughts, whether they are school, God, faith, culture, tech, random, books, auto, comedy, and whatever else I have blogged about on here for the last 3 years. I suppose I should through TV (mainly Lost and The Office) in there too.

Quick note on TV. I was looking over some research that has been done on the addicting properties of watching TV. The most interesting:
  • It triggers parts of your brain that has a sedative affect.
  • Individuals who watch it the most are also those most dissatisfied by the content (sound like a drug addiction anyone?)
  • In one experiment, TV's were taken away from families who have heavy usage. After doing so the family experienced extreme strain in the form of verbal and physical fighting and even trying to cut deals and conspiring ways to get the TV back.
But this is most definietly not the topic of this post.

I will also be posting regularly on to other collaboration projects that you might be interested in:
  • Galactic Explosion: This is a project Elena and I are working on to compile and archive the experiences of our relationship. Lessons, hardships, joys, revelations, historic moments. This spawned out of a number of factors. We are both so thankful for this opportunity God has blessed us with to enjoy and grow. We found ourselves learning so much that we wanted to document and share it. We thought it would be fun. And we know there are just a lot of curious people out there. Hope you can find enjoyment in it, we sure do!
  • Barberrian Villagers: The title of this blog is a creative twist on my new place of residence; Barberry Village. This move into Rockwood is something God put on my hearts years ago, and I have been very actively persueing over the last 12 months (researching, networking, planning, reading, dreaming...). My three roommates and myself will be documenting the adventure there. So please, check it out, pray for us, and get involved with us if you are local!
So go ahead and throw those into your Google Reader (Or if you don't have an account yet, get one! If you already have other Google services you already have one. It's easy and will simplify your online experience drastically!)

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