Thursday, October 23, 2008

In The Wild

I just saw my first new MacBook in the wild at PSU!

...I gotta go wipe up the drool.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


For 2 years now I have been talking about Nightstrike. It has been the inspiration for many speeches and papers in school. It has been the source of experience for personal growth and learning. It has been a central aspect of my spiritual formation as a follower of Christ. And as you might know, has been the topic of many posts on this blog.

I was recently asked by a friend to type up a brief overview of Nightstrike for a presentation he is doing about various service opportunities in the Portland Metro area.

It is the best "nutshell" of Nightstrike I have ever composed. That seems worthy of sharing:

Nightstrike is not your average "feed" downtown. The relational interaction takes center stage. It truly is a collision of to worlds that never interact. The house dwellers and the homeless. It is a space that is created for people to interact with each other with respect and dignity. In fact dignity is restored to the homeless who have had their human dignity stripped of them by a society that views them as problems and useless. So yes, there is a meal (home made) being served, and dirty feet being washed and given new socks, and clothes being handed out, and a popcorn machine, and hair cutting.

Beyond all of this is an opportunity to share life, and the best way to do that is around the dinner table. A large portion of the people serving (80-100 weekly from 20-30 various local Christian churches monthly. These people also have complete ownership of the weekly operations as well) are allocated simply to getting a plate of food for themselves and sitting down and getting to know someones name and hearing their story. For many guests, this is the first step of healing the many emotional and mental scars. And for many people serving, this is the first step to learning and expanding their capacity to love.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Slight Distraction

In class and only slightly distracted by this.

Check out this video on the design/manufacturing process.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Multiple Word Search Engine Dictionary

Last week I was at a study session with a group of Elena's friends. Roza was really interested (to assist in a homework assignment) in finding a way to look up the definitions of a series of words in a single search.

I scoured the Internet fiercely to find such a tool. Surprisingly, even Google didn't have a way to look up the definition of multiple individual words simultaneously. I knew someone somewhere had thought to create such tool. Today Elena surprised me with Ninja Words...because it's really fast like a Ninja.

I can even add Ninja Words to my Firefox search bar! Brilliant!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Blog Updates

Perpetual Anticipation will continue to be my home of my written thoughts, whether they are school, God, faith, culture, tech, random, books, auto, comedy, and whatever else I have blogged about on here for the last 3 years. I suppose I should through TV (mainly Lost and The Office) in there too.

Quick note on TV. I was looking over some research that has been done on the addicting properties of watching TV. The most interesting:
  • It triggers parts of your brain that has a sedative affect.
  • Individuals who watch it the most are also those most dissatisfied by the content (sound like a drug addiction anyone?)
  • In one experiment, TV's were taken away from families who have heavy usage. After doing so the family experienced extreme strain in the form of verbal and physical fighting and even trying to cut deals and conspiring ways to get the TV back.
But this is most definietly not the topic of this post.

I will also be posting regularly on to other collaboration projects that you might be interested in:
  • Galactic Explosion: This is a project Elena and I are working on to compile and archive the experiences of our relationship. Lessons, hardships, joys, revelations, historic moments. This spawned out of a number of factors. We are both so thankful for this opportunity God has blessed us with to enjoy and grow. We found ourselves learning so much that we wanted to document and share it. We thought it would be fun. And we know there are just a lot of curious people out there. Hope you can find enjoyment in it, we sure do!
  • Barberrian Villagers: The title of this blog is a creative twist on my new place of residence; Barberry Village. This move into Rockwood is something God put on my hearts years ago, and I have been very actively persueing over the last 12 months (researching, networking, planning, reading, dreaming...). My three roommates and myself will be documenting the adventure there. So please, check it out, pray for us, and get involved with us if you are local!
So go ahead and throw those into your Google Reader (Or if you don't have an account yet, get one! If you already have other Google services you already have one. It's easy and will simplify your online experience drastically!)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I had a unique opportunity Saturday evening to engage with 20 teenagers on an interesting topic. Nearly all 20 of whom:
  1. Attested to the central importance of Scripture being the source of guidance in their life.
  2. Expressed frustration of the Bible being too complicated and more confusing then helpful.
  3. Confessed they rarely read Scripture, and sporadically at that.
All of this got me wondering if maybe it's because we have tried to make the Bible something it is not. We have conveyed expectations that Scripture is the source of something that is seemingly unattainable. We have conveyed the means through which to attain something but results are left falling severely short of expectations.

Do I struggle with this paradox in my own life? You betchya! But it is down right disturbing when you can observe the reality of this in others.

Do I think we are bound to failure in the arena of Biblical reading? No way! We just have a lot of area for growthin how Biblical interpretation has been modeled to us.

Monday, October 06, 2008

700 Billion Dollar Mistake

Maybe I'm feeling a bit rash after listening to the latest Paramount Equity commercials.

Hayes Barnard is always claiming to have the lowest rates the world has ever seen, but NOW, thanks to the "firepower" provided by the approval of the $700 billion bailout they are able to offer lower rates to more people then EVER before.

I know our good friend Hayes would spin the situation however it turned out (see deceptive advertising featuring our very own Paramount Equity). And maybe I'm missing something by not being an economics major, but it seems to me that this is an indicator of what happens when $700 billion is suddenly given instead of owed - more of the same.

This is why I sent messages to my congressman urging him to not pass the bailout (Props to Blumenauer for voting Nay both times through!)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

The "Brick"

The last three years of liberation and redemption in my life have brought me on a journey of recovery from the allure and indulgences of techno-lust. Testimony of this battle is my 1 1/2 year old war torn tank of a Nokia cellphone whose central feature is - suprisingly - to dial and receive phone calls (sans camera, bluetooth, internet, GPS, media player). And that brick was free with my contract renewal.

Speaking of bricks, there have been rumors circulating about Apple's upcoming product releases. Confession: Yes, I still track the latest products, though not as obsessively as I once did. I also don't experience uncontrollable yearnings to splurge on the latest gadget when doing so. But back to the "brick". The latest speculation on codename "brick" actually seems plausible and intriguing enough to share:
"The MacBook manufacturing process up to this point has been outsourced to Chinese or Taiwanese manufacturers like Foxconn. Now Apple is in charge. The company has spent the last few years building an entirely new manufacturing process that uses lasers (w/o sharks) and jets of water to carve the MacBooks out of a brick of aluminum...

What advantages are there to manufacturing with 3D laser and water jet cutting?

  • Carving out of aluminum eliminates the need to bend the metal and create weak spots or microfolds and rifts.
  • There are no seams in the final product, so it is smooth.
  • Screws aren’t needed to tie the products together.
  • The shell is one piece of metal so it is super light, super strong and super cheap.
  • You can be a whole lot more creative with the design if you don't have to machine it.

As Peter Oppenheimer said at the recent earnings call, this innovation is something "Apple's competitors won't be able to match" for some time to come. We expect the process to drive down the prices of MacBooks over the next few years and at the same time allow Apple to continue to lead in the innovation department. Design changes should come much more rapidly with rapid prototyping.

The newly designed MacBooks are still on target for an October 14th announcement..." (
Even better product and lower price point? Now I love my 2 year old MacBook, and she has a few more years before I would even think of replacing her, but that is still music to my ears.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008