Saturday, September 20, 2008

School of Theology: Rick McKinley 4

Matthew 16
  • This is not a study in systematic theology, it's what they are doing, living.
  • verse 13-20, the Church is given the keys, a unique relationship with the Kingdom
Church & Kingdom
1. Kingdom Identity - The Church is the earthly outpost of Jesus' uncontested reign. Unopposed headship.
2. Kingdom Vocation - Creatively imagining together what the kingdom can look like in our community.
3. Kingdom Destiny - The gates of hell will not prevail! Displaying what will happen forever.

Charity says we need each other because I am rich and need to feel better and you need this sandwich.

Kingdom says we are equal value, relational.

What are the satanic strategies to fight the church:
1. To make the church think they are fighting flesh and blood (so we make an excuse with meaningless forms of measurement, why fight to blot out poverty because they will always be with us.)
2. Deceive us into thinking that the kingdom is not here.
3. Get us to separate Jesus from the Kingdom (this happens at most bible studies. We study the Bible to learn about Jesus.)
4. To get the leaders of the church to think that is the kingdom
5. Get people to justify ignoring the values of the kingdom for spiritual reasons. ("all those liberals out there doing social justice", getting us to swing one side or another.)
6. Get them to focus on building the church instead of being The Church.

The goal is not to become more structured, it's to become disciples.

Are we willing to let go of our need to produce and help God?

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ET said...

"Get them to focus on building the church instead of being The Church."

Yikes!!!! Guess Satan has really gotten some of us with that one!