Friday, September 19, 2008

School of Theology: Rick McKinley 3

Jumping back in it after an intense tennis match with Sean and some beautiful canoing on the Deschutes.

Matthew 13
  • As the Kingdom of Heaven is announced, Satan is trying to fight that message coming out.
Parable of Weeds
  • Currently, in the Kingdom there are weeds, placed by the enemy. Satan has a legitimate strategy to sprinkle weeds in the wheat of the Church.
Mustard Seed
  • Jesus Kingdom is breaking into this world for all of creation not without opposition.
  • Subversively seeping into all of the world.
  • For the 12 disciples hearing Jesus looking 2000 years in the future, Christianity really has spread pretty profoundly.
  • Spread seeds in a dentist office, what would you expect? Nothing beautiful (or anything at all for that matter) grows in a sterile environment.
  • Out of soil that is surrounded by decay, manure, and death; life breaks forth. This is where the Kingdom shows up. Culture is necessary. You can't dump bleach on the garden. you can't retreat or scrub and make sterile (critique or copy don't work)
Parable of the Hidden Treasure and The Pearl
  • Already occured
  • Is it out of obligation or because it's correct that we respond to the Kingdom?
  • He is compelled. Christians treasure Christ above all else.
Parable of the Net
  • Net yet.
  • It's not our place to decide who's weed and wheat. We don't do the reaping.
The kingdom is the greatest treasure, bring us the most profound join, is worth everything we have, and already existing with in this already/not-yet battle.

Tomorrow we'll hit Matthew 16 and where The Church is in this whole Kingdom deal.


Mexico or Bust said...

Your hurting my brain and I'm not even there

ET said...

"Spread seeds in a dentist office, what would you expect? Nothing beautiful" That statement alone makes me grin.