Friday, September 19, 2008

School of Theology: Rick McKinley 2

Next 4 sessions with Rick will be on "Kingdom"

This Beautiful Mess. A more entertaining simpler book on what we will be studying.

The Gospel of the Kingdom is Jesus primary message. We don't understand "kingdom in America". Most of the disciples were killed because they called Jesus King, it was a threat to the empire. If something about being Christian threatened the economy, we would be in trouble.

Matthew 4
  • Is the offer of these temptations legitimate? Yes. Then Satan has a legitimate reign.
  • What is the nature of all the temptations? They are changing how he is going about his mission, not the mission itself.
  • This is a clash of kingdoms taking place.
  • Satan usurps Adam's rule of creations (not directly stated, but an assumption).
  • The temptations is not to get him off his mission, it's to get him to do his mission under the reign of Satan easier.
  • Temptations: Meet your own needs, use performance and power, and to get what you want to get without the cross.
  • If Jesus had submitted, in the immediacy of our everyday life the world would be a better place.
  • If it's flash in the pan, money, power, pragmatism; often times we buy into using them without discernment.
  • It's not just the mission of the church being accomplished, but how we accomplish it.
  • The reign of the Kingdom of Heaven is more important then the temporal evil of the earth. There is a reason for the God of sovereignty to allow this underling to rule on earth.
  • The Gospel is not about immediate gratification at all. On the contrary it's preparing us to endure and persevere for a better world to come ad is breaking in.
  • Jesus is UNMARKETABLE.
  • What is dark about the temptations? It is challenging God's good and right way.
  • Matthew you is writing to show that Jesus is king.
  • What can we expect as this Jesus brings his Kingdom to bear on earth? It will not look familiar to us. If Jesus had succumbed we never even would have thought twice, it's what we all want and expect.
  • The Kingdom of God is completely subversive.
  • Verse 17; Repentance is the key to the kingdom. It's assuming we are going the wrong direction. Turn around.
  • Kingdom allegiance. Kingdom ethics. Kingdom economy. "Keep your hand on the wheel because we are making a big turn".
  • Definition; Gospel of the Kingdom: It is the good news of God's reign which is breaking into this world (already not-yet) through the death, resurrection, and the reign of Jesus Christ initiating a process of the restoration of all creation and forming Christ in those who are the Kings own (new creations) culminating with all things being made new so that it will be on earth as it is in heaven.
  • This is the Gospel of Jesus, not the Gospel about Jesus.
Matthew 5,6
  • Beatitudes; Jesus takes all of the "zeros" of Satan's world order and says you fit perfectly in the upside-down subversive Kingdom.
  • The Beatitudes lay out the economy of the Kingdom.
  • Goes on to lay out kingdom ethics. Calling someone a fool is murder. Looking lustfully at a woman is adultery. It's not eye for eye, it's turn the other cheek. Spirituality isn't for show. In regard to wealth, you cannot serve to masters and money is for storing up treasures in heaven.
  • In contrast to the Kingdom economy and ethics the world order looks like in complete chaos and out of control.
  • 6:33; "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." This is salvation.
  • People who live in this upside down world will suffer and be persecuted (It's threatening. This is an assault on the kingdom of this world; military, economic, cultural power).
  • Kingdom view expands experience of spirituality. Every aspect of life and creation.
  • Scripture never talks about building or advancing, the Kingdom IS. We need to engage it and explore it.
  • Process of Spiritual formation is we will be so attracted and in love with the king that the up side down would like normal and we would look more abnormal to the world.
Matthew 9
  • Verse 35; teaching and healing
Matthew 10
  • Sends disciples out to do the same.
Matthew 11
  • Verse 11; John was pointing to the Kingdom in a prophetic way.
Matthew 12
  • Pinnacle moment. Israel rejects her king.
  • Verse 28; the kingdom of God has come upon you.
  • Starts speaking in parables and they don't understand him.
  • Speaking with divine authority, fruit bears.
  • Spiritual transformation takes place.
  • The use of money, power, and influence is for the exaltation of the King and His Kingdom.
  • It's subversive, simplistic, mysterious, and it critiques both culture and legalism.
  • Shares from Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne.
  • When we divorce Jesus (The King) from the Kingdom, we create a kingdom of our own.
We will continue with Matthew 13

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