Thursday, September 18, 2008

School of Theology: Rick McKinley 1

Rick arrived for lunch and will be doing his first session on Gospel Church Culture (Later he will be moving into the subject of "Kingdom")

The Gospel is "acultural", but we have assumed it has a culture. Assumption that the Gospel does something to you, it makes you western, it makes you like us (clothing, language, worship).

Leslie Newbigin's theory on missions:
  • The Gospel goes into the Culture and speaks through windows of redemption specific to that culture (Good News) as well as windows of opposition (things that clash).
  • This contextualized Gospel forms the Church.
  • The Church needs to go back to the Gospel before going back to other cultures.
  • The Gospel to be proclaimed is a tightrope between culture and church
  • One one side: This is why religious people anger Jesus. You become sectarian, on the side of the church, separated from the people
  • On the other: You are being absorbed by culture, and you are just like them. Not distinction. You are not an ambassador to anything. You become syncristic
  • Falling off either side are sin, how do we live on the tightrope/vertical axis (Takes discernment, which we don't teach. We teach black and white)

1) The Church critiqued culture (sectarian): Hollywood, drinking, music, entertainment, fashion, evil, us vs. them, being worldly, politics

in response...

2) The Church copied culture (syncristic): Coffee bars, music, entertainment, Christian version of everything, lifestyle, marketing, business strategy, individualism, self-help, how-to, health/wealth, success, service style, convenience, instant gratification, consumerism

It's assuming culture is evil. It is a fear based model, which media uses to play on us, which in turn the church capitalizes on. The church can own it.

But from here...

3) The Church releases the Gospel to create culture: Assume a missionary posture. They create culture by being teachers, businessmen, artists. Always asking how does the way God makes us have a Kingdom foundation in everything we do?

The streams through which people in The Church creates culture
1. Religion
2. Business
3. Education
4. Arts
5. Civic/Government
6. Family

In the world but not of the world. Walking the tightrope of the Gospel through which it shapes society.

If you aren't a part of copying, the question is asked why aren't you serving the church? Why aren't you constructing the building, teaching Sunday school, on the worship team?

Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling
by Andy Crouch

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