Tuesday, September 16, 2008

School of Theology: Paul Metzger

Rough notes from yesterday. These might be meaningless to you, but it is really mind blowing stuff! First session with John MacMurray is beginning.

Session 1: Consumerism/Race/Class

Helpless Hopefuls.
  • Shared story of his Japanese wife's process of getting a green card at the immigration. office. His eyes were opened when it hit close to home, he has walked closely to the issue.
  • it's difficult for us to know how difficult is for minorities to engage
  • We aren't blatantly racist, sitting around in kkk hoods, but we have a power issue. We don't like letting of power (turf wars).
  • Jesus entered in and identified with the helpless hopefuls.
  • As evangelicals we work on the level of individual personal relationships
  • Book: Divided by faith says we are against changing the structure because we are so focused on the individual.
  • can't pull yourself up by your bootstraps when you have had your knee caps knocked out one to many times.
  • Evangelical's are not the most racist individuals, it is the most racist institution.
PAUSE: Dan Franklin interjected rudely to ask Metzger to define Consumerism. Consumerism is giving people what they want when they want it at the least cost to themselves.
  • We think based on affinity and attraction as opposed to being missional.
  • departments stores: mirrors are there for a reason. They want you to look at you. You don't see clocks in a department store because they don't want you to think about time. We use our space to convey something, a restructuring (gray walls in the immigration office versus the walls of the conference room)
  • prof at PSU?
  • Vincent Van Gho wanted to give himself to the peasants. He was told by the church he should not identify on their level, he was supposed to be higher. He has a painting the church has no doors. (Rent, Chocolat)
  • Paranormal Pyschology class at PSU. Girl talked during the whole lecture. Her first question after he finished "Do you think your better then me?". Paul said "What did I say that made you think that?" and she said "Christians always say they are on the inside of Jesus". What are we as Christians doing that conveys?
  • Our lives have to create the space for our views to be heard. We have to restructure space that includes a more noble vision (then take back power that has been lost).
  • Willamette Weekly, you will find a state of the art sound system and a coffee bar but you won't find a Lords Table.
  • Define space of Coffee Bars: Relationships with people who are like us. disposable income
  • God doesn't want us to be comfortable with the world, he wants to comfort us with Jesus.
  • We like to be a servant but not be treated like a servant.
  • Perkins "We've replaced the Gospel of reconciliation with the Gospel of church growth".
  • Shares Perkins testimony
  • It's not taking back America, it's giving our lives even for our enemies.
"We have given liberals half the gospel, we need to TAKE BACK the other half".

"Orthodoxy should lead to Orthopraxis."

We have the grudge, we need to fight to get back and so we need money, power, an people of status. We think about power, but power that is alien to the cross. We don't look closely who we yoke with DC and such.

Watched prayer scene from Talledega Nights
  • We create God in our image
Success is judged by outcome instead of obedience! It has been really interesting how people have responded to ACI and how they are so concerned with success defined by sustainability and immediate results.

Salvation is not terminated with us, salvation operates through us with a purpose. Church on Sunday isn't to celebrate and get charged out of excitement of our own salvation.

The Church is seen as a voluntary association of religious individuals whose true allegiance lies elsewhere - the state, nuclear family and market.

We need to expand our view of qualification.

Jim Eliot as a kid told his mom "don't pray your children will be Godly men, but that they would be arrows sent into the heart of Satan".

We need to live in light of what we will be.

If you are going to save others, you can't save yourself.

People don't need us, we need them

Lords Table
  • we treat the lords table as an individuals personal thing.
Slave Trade
  • Commidification
  • It's only an issue when it's on our plate and our turf (consumerism flaunts this, because it is about you)
  • Shared Hope International
  • How am I involved in it? We tend to look at people in one of two groups. Those we treat and things (get me what I want when I want it at the least cost to myself) and those we treat as people.
  • Don't just live differently to be pragmatic, because there is dollar signs behind doing it this way. Living out God's heart and God's desires.
Triune God is a communion of persons who gives up all to be in communion with us.
  • When one suffers we all suffer. We must suffer for the body of Christ when one is suffering elsewhere, we must live for the body and for others. We can not fight in isolation.
  • We ask people what they do for a living. If they have no value to the market. We do not treat people as ends in themselves.
  • "bankers and lawyers make better deacons"!?
  • Corinthian Church (most like America today), God chose the poor and foolish to lead.
Lord of the Rings
  • Backdrop was industrial revolution and WWII.
  • Page 3
  • Ents start to take action against the meaningless destruction.
  • Head orc says "the age of humans is coming to an end, and the age of orcs has begin". Tolkien making a statement about the loss of soul, the loss of humanity. (I Am Legend too!)
  • Community development has to be localized. Money has to stay in the community. Production, procurement, and consumption.
  • Tolkien saw the break down of human society.
  • Give a man a fish, teach a man to fish, who owns the pond?
  • The poor are vulnerable because they have no ownership.
  • Why does Tolkien choose a Hobbit to take the ring to Mordor? Communal, solidarity. The strengths of the community are necessary because the strengths are not present in Frodo. Frodo has less power therefore is less susceptible to the influences of the ring.
  • American evangelicals have bought into the lie of Borimere (use the power of the ring to fight the enemy). We have the right heart, but are wanting to use power to accomplish the goal and it brings about such disunity. Entitlement drives us. We fight the same way Washington fights.
  • When there is disunity in the Body, Satans power grows.
  • The only way you can take on fear, power, and greed (Sauron) is love.
  • Never in the Bible is it ONLY about saving souls. He's a political figure, but not by DC's standards.
  • Family feast, foot washing, farewell. This is how Jesus overturns Rome. John 13, he's into authenticity and vulnerability. We have to be that close. How great is our vulnerability and authenticity (ACI!). The poor is not sacrificed on our behalf.
  • We can not fight it the worlds way.
  • He-men and she-woman must be turned into halflings.
  • The greatest testimony to the Resurrection of Jesus: Paul, the greatest Christ hater who persecuted and chained Christians was chained and persecuted for Christians.
  • Dieing to myself. Dying to the comodification of others for my own desires.
  • Knowledge doesn't give power, Power creates knowledge.
  • How are we somehow not responsible for the sins of our forefathers but do inherit sin from Adam and Eve.
  • Replace the Gospel of Profit with the Gospel of Prophetic Voices.
  • It's not professional Christianity, it's all about the lay people.
  • Movements turn into Monuments
  • Be forced out, don't force yourself out.
  • Spiritual vertigo. Love so much in turns us upside down and inside out and Jesus is the only thing holding on to us.
  • Charity is keeping people on the far end of outstretched arm. Community means we need each other!
  • Be who you are, not who you once were. Not, "Don't be who you are, be who your supposed to be"

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ET said...

There is definitely a lot of good stuff here! I think I am definitely guilty of the treating others as a commodity more than as a creation of God. Our minds are just kind of programmed to look at people and relationships as "what can I get out of this" and "is spending time with this person going to be beneficial to me and my goals?" That is very sad. Kind of like that musical documentary we watched where they mentioned that when you go to a party, you talk to those who are equal or higher than you because that raises your own status or whatnot. I have definitely seen this occur in many human circles, and sadly even in my own church (especially in my own church). That is one of the things that frustrate me the most, but at the same time I know I am guilty of it as well. Shame.