Tuesday, September 16, 2008

School of Theology: John MacMurray 1

First session by John on Knowing God. Hopefully you can track these notes a little bit better then Metzger's from yesterday, that was quite a whirlwind.

John 17
  • Longest recorded prayer in the Bible
  • John is always interjecting clarifications in his narrative
  • But here, he makes no editorial comments before/during/after.
  • After spending year with Jesus, what is so important about this prayer?
Matthew 11:27
No one knows the Son like the Father (humans, angels).
Clearest invitation to know Him, to everyone.
  • Verse 3; Eternal life is KNOWING the Father, a relationship with the Father.
The chief end of man is NOT(!) to glorify God. The heart of everything is the Trinity, communion, relationship.
  • This makes sense of why John calls Jesus the Word. He explains/brings knowledge of the Father.
John 14:27, John 15:11, Jesus gives himself (His joy, His peace).
  • It is not something He has or that one can do. In the knowladge of the Father he has endless love, peace, and joy.
  • Jesus takes on Adams skin, enters into our darkness and skewed perspective of life.
  • Knowing the Father is not super sizing any relationship you can imagine. Our knowledge can not bring life.
  • Invitation to know God is a relationship, an embrace, of a Being that is truly perfect. This is the relationship that only the Father, Son, and Spirit has known.
  • God is an has never been alone. He is not alone and has never been a lone. The very nature of God is that he exists in relationship. The truth is expressed in Jesus word that he is in Him and he is in God and they are united in love and communion though without the loss of distinctness. Their relationship is a rich and unclouded fellowship that they have enjoyed for every that is so deep and so true, so open and so close and it is fired by such pure love that they are one.
  • "May they be one that we are one." We are invited to that oneness.
  • Verse 21; Infinitely more then church unity.
  • The personal relationship with God becomes more about "what you believe". Results in division.
When Jesus heals the blind man, John talks mostly about the man being healed spiritually, not the miracle.
  • What does it mean for the Father, Son, and Spirit to be one? Exactness in Agenda. Perfect Awareness. Complete rhythm. They relate to each other so closely that it is beyond anything we have every known or experienced. (it is not just about the Father, Son, and Spirit all agreeing doctrinally)
  • We are invited to this NOW.
Quoting "Across All Worlds: Jesus Inside Our Darkness" by C. Baxter Kruger
  • Verse 23; What does Jesus see in His Father's eyes? "The love that fired the suns of a thousand universes."
PHEW! 10 minute break.


ET said...


Kelly Jo said...

Hey can you elaborate on the thought that the ... chief end of man is Not to glorify God.

This has been on my mind a lot lately...between what
was said in the Westminster confession, John piper, Metzger and MacMurray. So much for brain food!

David Knepprath said...

I'm still processing it myself Kelly Jo. Essentially it is Trinitarian Theology that says God is inviting us into the intimate relationship of the trinity. That relationship is what man was made for. So yes God is glorified as we enter into that relationship, but that is not the chief end, the relationship is.