Monday, September 08, 2008

Glorious Summer

It has indeed been a glorious summer. I have experienced unbelievable growth, attained priceless experience, developed amazing relationships, and grown deeper in my communion with God.

Here are a couple pictures of Elena and I from the summer:

Beach Trip

Phantom of the Opera


ET said...

yep, a glorious summer indeed! :)

Melany said...

Wow~ the beach photo is gorgeous!! Nice!

Mexico or Bust said...

David I like your girl and I've never even met her but I think that Beach Photo is a little racy. I don't to judge you especially as I'm 3000 miles away but I couldn't see enough room for 4 hard back NIV bibles. Just kidding leave room jesus, you sinner. JK. Love yeah

David Knepprath said...

No room for Jesus, what do you think that bright shining light in between us is!?

But here's the really funny thing about your comment, the girl who took the picture cracked the exact same joke (- the 4 hardback NIV bibles).