Saturday, August 09, 2008

What's Your Opinion?: Olympics

Do the Olympics bring about global unity through a common shared activity or division by reaffirming borders and nationalism?

But don't feel limited by my black and white question. You are welcome to unpack, discuss, and share you opinion.


Win Tse said...

As a first generation Chinaman, I must say it unites. It's opened China's isolationist doors into the world, whether criticism comes or not.

Then again, I love the Olympics anyway.

Mexico or Bust said...

Yes but China is putting on the worlds largest production. I'm down here in Mexico and didn't see the opening ceremony but the girls that sang the national song or what ever wasn't even on stage. The girls that was on TV was just mouthing the words, the girl that actually sang the song was off stage and off camera. Why ? She was deemed not beautiful enough. They wanted to put the best show on so they got a young model in her place.

I don't know how the Olympic are being broadcasted in states but down here it looks like a giant production. I will agree that they are sharing some of their Culture with the world. But yesterday I woke up and on the TV was a pre Olympic broadcast of Yoga / Ti Chi. It's been an amazing display of athletes (MICHEAL PHELPS)

It seems like a very careful preplanned. They are putting on the worlds largest production which is fine. I'm sure the US or what ever country will get in 4 years will do the same. It just feels weird that they would come out of their isolationist habit for 2 weeks. I guess we'll see if this is the start to a new china or just a quick show.