Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Slow Food USA

I was waiting for my iced Americano at Stumptown and was browsing the magazine rack. One journal on the culture of food aptly titled "Gastronomics" caught my eye. Even more intriguing was an advertisement for a non-profit called Slow Food USA. I find great enjoyment in analyzing mission statements. Read on:
"Slow Food USA envisions a future food system that is based on the principles of high quality and taste, environmental sustainability, and social justice – in essence, a food system that is good, clean and fair. We seek to catalyze a broad cultural shift away from the destructive effects of an industrial food system and fast life; toward the regenerative cultural, social and economic benefits of a sustainable food system, regional food traditions, the pleasures of the table, and a slower and more harmonious rhythm of life."
Last night was a beautiful evening on the shore of the Columbia River. Elena and I went out to Rooster Rock to watch the Perseid meteor shower. Before catching a glimpse of the "galactic explosion" overhead we enjoyed a picnic on the boardwalk, soaked up the beautiful sunset, absorbed the greatness of God's creation, hiked the shoreline, studied Scripture, and finally layed out underneath the great expanse of stars.

Now I'm embarking on another stretch of mission trips. Only two week this time, and they will be much more manageable then the previous three, so hopefully I will still be able to check in on the blog.

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