Friday, August 15, 2008


If you are wondering what a God glorifying and Kingdom building hobby looks like, Running4Water is one of my favorite examples. In his own words:
"I am running for water. I am going to be participating in a number of races this summer, and I am asking people to consider joining me as a runner or supporter. My intention is to raise money to drill wells through Living Water International, as well as to raise awareness to a very serious, yet very fixable problem."
His latest challenge is especially intriguing.
"So I have decided to institute a little challenge. For every $10,000 dollars raised through Running4Water I am going to carry 1 gallon of water throughout the Portland Marathon. Currently we have raised $2,826.10, so we need $7173.90 for the first gallon. I think this will help highlight that in addition to the health concerns of bad water, small children carry water (8lbs per gallon) very long distance. This takes up the time they could be spending receiving education as well as heavily taxes an often malnourished frame. Lets spread the word, the Portland Marathon is Oct 5th."
Spread the word! Maybe we could get this guy some media coverage leading up to the Portland Marathon.

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Mark Harris said...

Nice post. Maya saw the photo and wandered what it was. It was a great teaching moment, thanks!