Monday, August 18, 2008

Highway Stagnation

I'm sure many would laud these examples as "acts of highway sustainability", I prefer "acts of highway stagnation". I find the following unfortunate because they reaffirm America's inherently inefficient mode of transportation instead of reinvesting in rail systems and restructuring our social structure to be more accommodating of the more (socially and environmentally)healthy mass transit to truly be for the masses, instead of just the poor.

Observe the following intriguing, though frustrating, acts of ingenuity in hopes to retain status quo:


Jeremy said...

I think the automobile also reinforces our very American ideal of independence. Or our love of independence makes it very difficult to let go of the personal auto. Either way we are created for community, not autonomy.

Mexico or Bust said...

This coment is to the Solar energy piece from the highway on ramp segment.

But come on the idea that we could become energy independent is sweet. Not exactly the best idea because oregon sun is fairly AUH Non-existant in 9 months out of the year. I think every Oregonian would do better with a water wheel or a miniature windmill.

but I'd like to see if this can be successful in moving in the right direction

Scott Ekstrom