Monday, August 04, 2008

A Glimpse

This is my first post over on the reflection blog at the shiny brand spanking new Compassion Connect website. I encourage you to peruse the website. For the foreseeable future you will be hearing much more of words such as "Compassion Connect", "Milan", "Apartment Complex Initiative", and as you may have already seen, "Elena".

The following are reflections on my first time serving at the Compassion Rockwood Free Clinic (and make sure you catch the video at the end):

A Glimpse

The anxious discussion, the chirping 2 way radios, the happy smiles and warm introductions set the rhythm for the first time I served at a Compassion Clinic (Compassion Rockwood 2008). I had heard much through word of mouth, but I was anticipating the first hand experience of what the local churches could pull together to bless their community with a demonstration of Jesus love.

Working in the triage center I got a first contact perspective on the impact being made in the lives of those being served. Volunteers worked patiently to help fill out medical forms, translators bustled back and forth only stopping to sit along side those who need extra help, and the hospitality team made frequent stops with smiles bigger then the pastries they were serving to those waiting.

I am taken back by the reality of so much joy being experienced and poured out. I think of the many hospital visits in my life with barely smile and the occasional half effort joke to relieve the impatient tension. Yet all of this was occurring with a purpose far greater then a financial exchange for services provided. It was even a purpose greater then duty to fellow human beings. It was being done out of a thankful outpouring of worship to the God that loved them first.

I was time and time again overwhelmed by the power and impact of a people who share a common purpose, a common joy, and a common love. I encountered individuals who broke down in tears out of thankfulness for everything that had been done for them. This is the type of service that can transform the most broken suffering parts of the world. If there is any movement I have experienced that can effectively address and reconcile this brokenness of humanity it is happening on the grassroots level of the local churches walking outside the doors of their church in unity to demonstrate the love of Jesus that is preached.

Being a part of something like Compassion Rockwood is an encouraging and inspiring glimpse into what The Church can be.

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Phil Smoke said...

"Elena"! I just did some catching up on your blog, and it was really cool to see some of your daily dealings with Elena - and to see her in your profile picture!

I also loved the atheist who looked at Christians actually serving as if he'd seen bigfoot!