Monday, August 25, 2008

Blessings, Signs, and Miracles

The significance of blessings, signs, and miracles in the Christian life has been a massive blip on my radar the last few months. It has been a fruitful struggle, but in particular, I can't get over how futile this trio was for the Israelites of the Old Testament in producing a prolific and lasting faith. Despite this overbearing presence of God, His people were still unfaithful.

I now am baffled by the overt preaching from the Old Testament as evidence by people who demand such blessings, signs, and miracles of God today. Unfortunately, rarely do you hear of the constant unfaithfulness of God's people despite such blessings, signs, and miracles.

I find this type of reflection on the Old Testament beautiful because it so loudly proclaims God's crazy love and relentless pursuit for humanity. That is the God I gladly surrender my life to daily!

I'm no Old Testament scholar, but I think I got that one right.


Mexico or Bust said...

So I guess your working through the Old Testament as well. I just finish 1 & 2 Reyes(Kings in English). I was in that same mind set. Now I've moved to 1 & 2 Samuel and I find that same repeating theme of not listening and obeying. Samuel told the newly appointed king Saul to go conquer and decimate the land of the Amelekites, God wanted to remnant of the people, but still they didn't kill the king, and they took home all the choice cattle and sheep. I don't think they listen very well.

But in today's world do we really listen ourselves. We have one command from God and we can barely follow that unless we gain something from the relationship. Do we commit fully to the golden rule, do we flee from immorality, do immoral thought cross out hearts and our lips. Quite often in our world. I see God presences in my life daily and yet I have times I ignore his request of me. I fall into the same trap as the people of the OT

ET said...

Yes! This is the amazing fact about God -- despite our countless and endless failures to accept and appreciate His totality and power, He remains faithful to love and continue to bless and show His wonder. God is God forever and He will always take care of us. Such a wonderful reality to rest in!