Wednesday, August 27, 2008

American Dream Pizza

As you can see, this is a picture of me in front of American Dream Pizza in Corvallis Oregon.

As I was eating a slice of American Dream Pizza, I couldn't help observing the throngs of drooling customers waiting in line for their own slice. After finishing my piece, I sat back and wondered what was the draw. The upper crust was obscene, the toppings were excessive, and it never truly satisfied.

Disclaimer: I know a lot of people are very fond of American Dream Pizza. I have eaten it myself, and found it enjoyable. I hope you understand it's all for the sake of a little social satire.


ET said...

Perfection at its best! You should submit this to a magazine, certainly.

Rob Leslie said...

Very creative satire ... I like.

Ian said...

Man i enjoy your satire. I think we need to talk politics sometime soon! =)


Elisa Lehto said...

Okay, so explain this one.
There you were, in Corvallis... and you didn't even say hi to any of us??
Sad day, my friend.

Mike said...

Well said.