Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vintage Hand Cranked Oeckoo Mixer

Elena and I made our list of "ing's" to do this summer - ie. hiking, bike riding, Bible reading, camping, beaching, church hopping, fencing, swimming, dancing, praying, serving, and garage saleing. After today, we can very succesfully check the last one off the list.

We scored two awesome pieces of kitchenware for a total of 50 cents. Along with a powder sifter we got a vintage hand cranked Oeckoo mixer (for that not too distant future when we run out of power).

I figured I would do some research online and couldn't find anything on the brand, but I did stumble across this bid on ebay! Bid of $9.94 with 4 days left. Not too shabby.

I'm off to help lead a teen camp for a couple days and then back for a Bridgetown Mission trip. I pray this week that you catch a glimpse of God's vision for your life and for the world that so desperatly need's His love!

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Elisa Lehto said...

So, perhaps I'm just that classy, or just that cool. But that's totally what I use to make scrambled eggs at home. I have ever since I can remember. It's pretty much amazing and I think we have a few of them floating around my summer camp.

I'm impressed that you're so pumped.