Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sent From Heaven

I'm am still processing wisdom gleaned from Surprised by Hope. Much of the insight revolved around paradigm shifting views of heaven.

I just finished working with my second mission trip (a group of teenage leaders working with World Venture) of the summer for Bridgetown Ministries. An interesting story came up during debrief after an early morning "Coffee and Donuts" act of service. One of the small groups met a woman waking up on a park bench (and getting dressed) in the North Park Blocks. She repeatedly asked them if they were from heaven.

My initial response was, "that's a nice compliment, but silly". But I started to ponder the significance of this statement and wondered if this woman had one upped me in my theology. If Christians claim the presence of God (through the Holy Spirit), then it is within the lives of those in The Church that Heaven and Earth collide.

That group of high schoolers was up early (after a late hard night of service) on the streets of Portland, without food in their own stomachs, serving the best (Voodoo Donuts) to the least of these among us only because of Jesus. They have been sent by their Lord, from Heaven, to love and serve on earth.

On a similar note, I was really excited to see Scot McKnight (of Jesus Creed) doing a word study in Scripture revolving around "heaven". Here is the first in the series: Heaven 1. I previously enjoyed a similar 62 part series on "Keys to the Kingdom" and am consequently anticipating this one.

Ah, feels good to be blogging again.

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