Saturday, July 19, 2008

"The Incredibles" Book

If I thought we got a steal on the hand cranked mixer last week, I don't know what one would call this. After a sunny fun filled day loving on some children at B-Town Kids, Elena and I were rummaging through a box of books at a garage sale when she found a "The Incredibles" book for her younger brother. After an intense volley of haggling, Elena threw out "10 cents" to which the man quickly replied "I don't need 10 cents, you can have it for free".

Walking away with a free book in hand, Elena felt thoroughly guilty. This, combined with wrestling through uneasy feelings of my own in previous garage sale encounters, has sparked much thought in terms of value, worth, monetary exchange, and world views. Maybe one of these days soon I will flesh them out and do a blog post.

Elena and I are headed to The Well tomorrow morning, and are hopefully picking up a friend we made under the Burnside Bridge at Nightstrike on the way. Following this we will be serving at WellBeing in the afternoon. In the evening I will be speaking to a group of Russian Christian youth on Debt and the American Dream. I'm excited!


Michael said...

That's awesome! Free stuff rocks my socks off!

Kari said...

How nice to have you, Elena and Tyler at WellBeing yesterday!!!! Kari