Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Running and Prayer

I stumbled across this post concerning the parallels of running and prayer - thought I would share:
1. You’ve got to do it.

You can read books and articles about it, talk about it, plan it, dream it, write about it, blog about it :) , think about it, imagine it, encourage yourself to do it, but you get no real benefit until you do it.

2. You start with what you have.

Whatever skill, desire, ability, time you have, this is what you have to start using. No use waiting for greater, better days. Beginners are welcome!

3. Your ability increases with use. Desire, skill and time will also increase :) . You need to have the basics of how to do it effectively/efficiently.

4. You become enthusiastic about it by preparing your mind.

5. You benefit from doing it with others, but it is no replacement for practicing alone. It is sometimes easier to break through resistance in a team. All the team benefits by having extra traction and motivation.

6. The reward is both in the journey and at the finish line.

7. It requires discipline. The harder it is to do it, the more important it is that you do it. With prayer, it is important to get in a state of soul and spirit where we talk to the Father. With both running and prayer, we build up our commitment when we stick to the plan. Forming a habit helps very much in the long run. Endurance is built over time.

8. Do it daily.

9. Have a really long one every weekend.

10. Make decisions throughout the day that allow you to invest in it.

11. The beginning and the pace has great influence on the finish. Focus!

12. No pain no gain. It can be hard on self. There is great pleasure in it too.

13. Eliminates toxins. :) …and brings clarity.

14. Dangers are not far away. It may be pride or maybe a snake, you have to watch out. You also want to stay injury-free… by diligently applying good and healthy theory (correct mechanics/stride and sound theology).

15. Watch your diet! What you “internalize” IS GOING TO IMPACT the performance, both long and short term. Carbo/Bible-loading is encouraged before long sessions.

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