Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Peace Offering, Not a Battle Cry

From the front page the Metro section of The Oregonian on June 12th:
"For the self-professed atheist from Yale, cynicism finally surrendered to curiosity when he watched volunteers from Bridgetown Ministries washing the feet of the homeless on Friday nights beneath the Burnside Bridge.

"It was like he'd seen Bigfoot," Dan Merchant said. "He went, 'Oh, my God: That's what I always thought Christians would look like if they really existed in nature..." (


Elisa Lehto said...

That was definitely one of our favorite moments from this weekend.... TWICE!!

Tiana said...

Praise God!

oregonfatts said...

we're getting back on track. I hope this becomes contagious. Cheers, seth

I actually watched Pan's Labrynth with Dan Franklin before I came to Burundi... i loved it