Friday, May 30, 2008

Lost Finale and Doctor Zhivago

"Four seasons in, the show demands even more of the viewer than it used to. But those who have stuck around know that rewards richly outweigh the frustration."

"It might be the most rewarding, deliciously challenging episode in the history of this mystical ABC serial" (
That's a quote from a review of the season finale for Lost that I wholeheartedly agree with. It's unfortunate that some in the blogging community are missing out on the experience.

The anticipation for next season of The Office and Lost is already mounting. :)

I watched the 1965 version of Doctor Zhivago a couple nights ago. Truly a classic. Many scenes stand out vividly in my mind; shots of the train, interior set designs, the house in Varykino, the zoom in on Strelnikov's glasses after he is killed, the landscape... The intensity and tension created by the acting is equally astounding.

In particular, and this is the connection to Lost, a certain anarchists intellectual (Kostoyed Amoursky played by Klaus Kinski) on the cattle train through the Urals stood out. He is nearly a mirror image of Sawyer. His intensity, his demeanor, his character, and even his physical features. I could not find a screen-shot of him in Doctor Zhivago, and this is the best I could find to convey my thought.

Anyone else out there see the connection? Or am I crazy?


~J.J. said...

See It!

David Knepprath said...

Thanks you for confirming my sanity. ;)

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VicNormal . said...

But, that's good in my world!!!!!