Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Books on My Desk

Future Grace by John Piper
Suprised By Hope N.T. Wright
Everyday Stalinism by Sheila Fitzpatrick
Pagan Chrisianity? by Frank Viola
Constructions of Deviance by Adler & Adler
Knowing God J.I. Packer
Nickel and Dimed by Barbra Ehrenreich
Deviant Behavior: Crime, Conflict, and Interest Groups by McCaughy, Capron, Jamieson, & Carey

...and I'm excited for all of them!


Melany said...

Everyday Stalinism looks interesting... Is that a book for class??

Dan Franklin said...

I love Future Grace and Knowing God. Karina read that Nickel and Dimed book and really found it interesting.


Jessi Huffman said...

Ahhh...Knowing God!!