Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Love Song of a 6 Year Old

The following was written by Brian James Wiggs. He is a six year old who has been serving at Nightstrike regularly with is family for over 2 years now. He asked for a pen and paper a couple nights ago and ran up to his room...

I had to post the scanned copy, in his own hand writing, to truly convey the beauty. As his father commented "talking to God as a six year old must be amazing."

If anyone would like to write a melody for this song we could sing it during worship at Nightstrike!

Love Song of a 6 Year Old

Jesus You are my true King.
I wish I could see you,
with my two eyes.

You are beautiful.
I know you very well.

You are my Holy Father.
In Christ forever,
I will worship You.

-By Brian James Wiggs


Jeff McQ said...

A truly beautiful lyric. Beautiful.

Melisa said...

Incredible. I wish I could pen music.

Melany said...

There is nothing as beautiful as a child's faith.

דָנִיֵּאל said...

Dang man,
I am workin on it.
Hopefully I will have a rough track for you tomorow.