Thursday, April 24, 2008


We need to get over our addiction to cars. Driving and owning a car is not a God given right as Americans.

Wheels like this little guy, from the Norwegian company Th!nk, are the future.

It is looking like North America will have a chance to start practicing some self restraint (with a little nudge from exorbitant gas prices, of course.) later this year.

I have always preferred my cars with a throaty exhaust that makes children run in fear, rear wheels that can repave the road with rubber, and a muscular design with an overdose of testosterone. But $25,000 and running at 110mpg; you have my attention, even if you are as cute as a button.

And if you think trading in your land boat is asking a little much, check out this New York Times article titled The Big Thirst.
“The country has been living beyond its means,” said Vaclav Smil, a prominent energy expert at the University of Manitoba. “The situation is dire. We need to do relative sacrifices. But people don’t realize how dire the situation is.”
And if you are feeling too depressed about gas prices, here's a smile on me:

Cute Kittens Bop Their Head - Watch more free videos


Elisa Lehto said...

who needs an ad in the newspaper when you can just get a news crew to do a story on you?

oh yes.
this is gonna be an amazing race.

Sarah said...

Hey, where'd you find the kitty video?