Saturday, March 08, 2008

I Am Legend (Alternate Ending)

Watch it here.

If you remember from the original ending, the butterfly tattoo is on the mother of the son and when the "zombie" is crashing the glass it cracks in the form of a butterfly (which helps Dr. Neville piece the solution together). Instead the tattoo is on zombie girl on the stretcher and her zombie friend intentionally smears the image of a butterfly to communicate his yearning for his companion. 

One thing I do like, it portrays their humanity. Different scenes in the movie allude to the fact that they still have a sliver of humanity left in them - however warped and grotesque it may appear to be. 

But there are a couple overarching ideas shifted thats I really don't like. 

Where is the beautiful image of self sacrifice on the part of Dr. Robert Neville? Not to mention, what legend* is created by the conclusion of the movie? The title makes a claim which is not delivered. 

What happens to the demonstration of redemption and restoration? There is still a weak empty sense of hope for the rest of humanity, as the three drive off into the sunset broadcasting a message to a possibly non-existent people. But what about the restoration of the REST of humanity that has fallen into darkness? This hope seems empty as well. 

Overall, I feel it falls flat.

*I understand Dr. Neville is originally intended - in the book - to be the "legend" through a paradigm shift. He is the only man left on earth and he is viewed as a mystical creature that lives in the light, in contrast to vampires being legendary creatures that roam around under the cover of night. But this idea isn't developed in light of the alternate ending either, so I don't buy it in regard to the movies story.

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Dan Franklin said...

Definitely was not into that alternative ending. I didn't think the original ending was AMAZING, but I did think it was very satisfactory. It tied things together well, and, as you stated, it made sense of the "legend" idea.
Anyway, thanks for the link. I'll have to show it to Karina because she absoluted LOVED the movie.