Saturday, March 29, 2008

2 Corinthians: An Agitated American

I have been in 2 Corinthians for a few weeks now (and plan to continue for another month at least). I got stuck on Chapter 6 for over a week. But right now Chapter 8 and 9 are really rocking my world. I see how a lot of things in my life have been preparing me for this issue. 

As an American, I read these chapters and am extremely agitated by the the system I find myself a part of. Questions are forming; and while I know there will be plenty of questions, I haven't the slightest idea of how long it will be before I discover any answers. I'm excited. :)

Quick update on the spring break teams: I love them all! They are great, and it has been such a blessing to build relationships with brothers and sisters and to see the growth that has occurred in such a short period of time. I stepped back for a moment and realized how much I am learning (a ton of tiny little skills that fall under the ares of communication, discipleship, administration, teaching, vision casting, and mobilization). 

Last night we had no less then 250 volunteers at Nightstrike. We were down to 2 staff for the week and no interns, but we had a grip of dedicated passionate volunteers to pick up the slack! It was awesome to see the teams step up too, and seize opportunities to lead in areas God had prepared them for throughout this last week.

You know God is working when you can't even fathom half the stuff that ends up happening so beautifully and you have no idea how it all comes together. I could tell you 5 or 6 stories that happened in the last 4 days that would blow your mind, but I am about to head back to finish up with the teams. 

I have acknowledged God's greatness and his incomprehensibility, but it is a whole other thing to come face to face with it in reality. I am in awe of God's hand at work in Portland, in peoples lives, and in His Bride the Church.  

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