Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lord Save Us From Your Followers (Pre-Release Screening Responses)

I first wrote a response to Lord Save Us From Your Followers after watching it in early October. Since then, there has been a well received screening on the west side of Portland, and more recently, a screening at Lewis and Clark College hosted by Campus Crusade.

After having a conversation with a good friend of mine on staff at that campus I am very encouraged for the movies potential!

First, it must be said, this is a very hard campus; very opposed to Christianity. There is only a core group of 10 committed Christians. For the movie they filled out the largest room on campus with 300 people. The campus chaplain said the last
time they had a crowd that big, for anything, was a protest against a possible draft during the first gulf war.

Comment cards were distributed with some very encouraging impressions. Over 100 individuals wanted to continue the dialog that was sparked by the movie. In response to the question "How have you been challenged", many replied that there negative view of the Christian Church was challenged. On man stated (this is a direct quote):

"Yes, I'm a hardcore atheist. I feel my frigid feelings toward the church are at least warmed."

Many event wanted to continue the dialog in the form of service, specifically coming down and doing Nightstrike (If you haven't seen the movie, it ends with scenes from underneath the Burnside Bridge on a Friday night).

This movie has
the potential to start a dialog in the barren divide between Christians and the rest of America.

My young adult group at Good Shepherd is going to watch snippets of the film over the next few weeks. It sparked the idea for a pretty exciting spring break service oppurtunity. They are going down to take a team down to San Fransico with the intention to engage and serve the homeless and homosexual community there. One idea being tossed around is to go the hospitals and read books and talk to AIDS patients.

Moffet, our college pastor, has been in touch with Dan Merchant (the man behind the movie) and he passed along an update from a portion of the movie. The cross dressing sister from the Order of Perpetual Indulgence was so impressed by Dan's openess and interest that he wants to return the favor and is looking into this Christianity that drove Dan to love him as a person. He asked Dan if there was a Bible College in San Fransico that he would recommend.

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